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"Implorium Forum Rules"
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10 months ago
Welcome to the Implorium forums! Here are some rules you should follow to ensure that you and everyone else has the best time they can while they’re here.

1. No excessive inappropriate language. While swearing is a privilege on the forums, excessive use of it will lead to punishment.

2. No derogatory terms will be tolerated on the forums. We want Implorium to be a safe space for all users to come together and enjoy the community.

3. No inappropriate images or links. If your mother wouldn’t want you seeing it, chances are it’s not allowed on here.

4. Be respectful to others, especially staff. Treat others on the forums how you want them to treat you, harassment or bullying of other users will not be tolerated.

5. Do not post spam, and do not post content unrelated to the subforum in which it is being posted. We have specific subforums for a reason. As well as this, “post-farming” will not be tolerated on any of the subforums, including Off-Topic.